Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Understanding hair loss and its treatments

Hair loss or alopecia targets millions of people regardless of their age, gender, and ethnicity. Most of these hair loss sufferers are decisive in chasing different kinds of hair regrowth products just to make sure their hair loss problems like thinning hair and hair fall are being improved and lessened. It is very important to note that it needs crucial scrutiny in choosing the most beneficial or effective hair loss treatment in the big market for hair loss today. This is imperative in order to avoid complications because apparently, there are numerous fake and worthless products available that provide more damages than hair beauty revival.

Causes of hair loss are tangled up with several factors such as malnutrition, hormonal disorders, emotional and physical stress, strong medications, sudden weight loss, drugs, crash diets, and hereditary or genetics. However, hereditary was somewhat discovered to be as the most prevalent culprit of hair loss, especially in men. Men’s hair loss is typically treated with a hair loss product that contains anti androgens or DHT blockers. DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone, the hormone that is being converted by the male hormone testosterone with the aid of the 5 alpha reductase enzymes. Minoxidil is a good example of this type of hair loss treatment; this comes in a topical preparation applied directly to the affected area twice a day which is thought to regrow hair in several months or a year of usage.

Lucrative scientists have invented hair thinning solutions that boost herbal ingredients like the stinging nettle, gingko biloba and saw palmetto. The three herbs are perceived to combat DHT production in the scalp and thus can stimulate hair regrowth at the same time. Well known companies that create hair regrowth products nowadays make sure to have one of these active ingredients in their bottle. The saw palmetto is currently the best herbal baldness therapy for both men and women without systemic side effects and is in fact utilized by most companies as their leading ingredient in the treatment of thinning hair, hair fall or baldness.

A product that uses saw palmetto is Leimo. Leimo is a combination of nature and science as the brand is famous for its organic ingredient which is the saw palmetto extracts and their personal hair laser device that is globally known as the best laser hair therapy. The topical solutions that Leimo provides are perfect for people who endure mild to moderate genetic balding or typically referred to as androgenic alopecia. The laser device works best in conjunction with the their hair thinning solutions that specifically halt the DHT formation in the scalp while the laser device provides low level laser therapy which aids in stimulating hair regrowth by increasing blood circulation, making the hair follicles healthy and capable of producing more thick hair.

Other patients who go to hair care clinics or to dermatologists are sometimes advised to take hair loss vitamins. Vitamins that are more in B-complex like the vitamin B6, B9, and B12. Biotin or Vitamin H on the other hand is very essential to take as this certain type of vitamin is considered by specialists as the food for the hair. Taking this on a daily basis may be very advantageous for hair loss prevention. 

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